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Fortnite Battle Royale Game Review

Fortnite Battle Royale is a famous fighting game developed by the American company Epic Games, it is one of the most famous battle royale fighting games, and these games in which players fight to survive on the battlefield, Everything in the game is allowed to survive, Including murder, robbery, vandalism, and infiltration, At the the end of the game, the last player standing is the winner of the battle.
The Fortnite game is distinguished by the fact that the fighting takes place on a beautiful, wonderful, and vibrant island, and it provides a very enjoyable fighting experience. On the land of the island, there is a wide range of options that helps players survive, such as various weapons that are used to kill competitors, and natural resources such as medical equipment and food. .
The player can move or run, he can swim in the water or ride boats and cars, he can also collect food and catch fish to stay healthy.
The battlefield offers many places to hide, sneak and get close to the opponents with the aim of killing them. In addition to gas stations that can be blown up to kill players who are close to it.
The gameplay and capabilities offered by the Fortnite game will make you feel as if you are playing a real game on the ground.


This game is not available on the Google Play and App Store smartphone application stores due to a dispute between the developer and Google and Apple about application store fees. Therefore, if you want to download the game on an Android phone, you must download the Epic Games store from the official website, then create an account on it and choose the game.
On iPhones, you cannot download any application from outside the App Store, therefore, the Epic Games application cannot be downloaded. The only way to play Fortnite on an iPhone is through the GeForce Now game broadcast platform from NVIDIA.
On computers, you can download the Epic Games app from the official website, then create an account on it and choose the game, The size of the game will be more than 20 GB.
You can also play Fortnite on PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The Game

The Fortnite game offers three game modes, the most famous is Fortnite Battle Royal. If you have ever played PUBG, you will know the principle of the Fortnite Battle Royal game. The game is on a flying blue bus with a big balloon, You will be with several people on the bus, then parachute down to the ground to fight for survival.
All players parachute onto the battlefield, you must choose a good place to land, This place is better far away from other players, Once you jump off the bus, you can deploy your glider to slow down the landing and choose the best place to land.
When you land on the ground, you can enjoy the beautiful and magical landscapes. But this will not last long. In a short time, you'll be facing other players who want to kill you, so you have to start looking for weapons right away in order to defend yourself and kill others.
The battlefield is a beautiful island with great scenery and vibrant colors, weapons are scattered everywhere, You can also grab other people's weapons after killing them.
When the game starts, you can move all over the area on the map, but as time goes by, the area allowed to move is shrinking due to a toxic storm, Players who stay outside the safe zone get damaged and can die if they fail to evacuate. This forces players those remaining to stay in narrower spaces, which increases the possibility of confrontation and clash with others.
The last player or team standing will be the winner, and if you are killed, the camera will switch to the player who killed you or to your teammate (if you are playing in team mode).
Aiming from a distance can be difficult. For this you will need to get close to the players in order to be able to kill them, but the closer you get to someone. It will give him a better chance of killing you.

Everything on the battlefield is destructible, be it a building, rocks, equipment or vehicles. You can use an axe to chop anything without getting tired, with the materials you have chopped, you can create defenses of wood, stone or metal to protect you. Structures built of metal are the strongest, followed by stones and then wood, but building structures of metal or stones takes a longer time.
It is easy to create large and complex structures in a very short time, but you will need to research well for materials you will use.
If you are playing with a team, you can collect resources and build large structures, but remember that everything in the game is destructible, and the goal of other players is to kill you, So even if you are able to build strong structures, you will be targeted.
The game allows to test the real laws of physics, where falling from a high place will either injure or kill the player, Do not jump from the edge of any cliff because you will surely die.

Game Modes

Fortnite: Save the World
A player-environment cooperative game in which four players cooperate to survive. Beginning after a sudden storm hits the Earth and causes 98% of its population to disappear, while zombies attack the rest, players create shelters, gather resources, rescue survivors, and defend.
Fortnite Creative
It is a mode that gives players complete freedom to create a battle royale game and add any elements to it.


Fortnite is a freemium game, meaning that you can download and play this game on all platforms for free and enjoy all its features without paying anything.
The game provides the ability to buy some things for players, such as special outfits, But nothing can be purchased that can help you excel or to win the game.
If you want distinctive outfits in the Fortnite game, you can purchase Fortnite Cards from this link.

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