PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG Game Review: Fighting to Survive

The PUBG game, also known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is one of the most famous video games in the world, played every day by millions of professional and amateur people. dollars.

Game features

The game is distinguished by its amazing graphics that look close to reality, and it is also available on several platforms, including all types of smartphones and computers. It is run on powerful servers. This ensures that it runs smoothly and without stopping.
The version for smartphones is very suitable for small screens, clear, and shows all the details of the battlefield.

If you play PUBG daily, you will get rewards that can be used to buy upgrades or anything you want.
All the players participating in the competition are real, that is, they are people who play PUBG online.
You can enter any fighting round alone or with your friends, and the player can walk and run, or ride in cars.
The types of weapons available in this game are unlimited. They are very diverse.
If you get eliminated from a round, you can replay the scene to see what mistakes you made to avoid them in the next rounds.

The Game

It is a battle royale game, this type of game is a battlefield in which players fight with a variety of weapons. In the beginning, players are in a plane, from which they jump and parachute onto the battlefield. Once on the ground, each player's priority is to scavenge for weapons and health packs that are essential for survival.
Once the player gets a weapon, he has to start killing the other players. This means that the game's main objective is survival.
You can sneak and hide in order to kill others, but hiding cannot last forever, as the battlefield area is constantly shrinking, making the possibility of clashes greater with time. In the end, the last player standing wins the round.

The Way of Playing

The PUBG game is a very easy game that does not require any education or experience, but despite its ease, winning it is difficult. Once you land on the battlefield, you will be in competition with dozens of enemies other players who want to kill you. Therefore, winning requires strategic planning, good thinking, and selecting a suitable place to land. All of these factors can affect your survival.
You must be able to hide and move unobtrusively, and be able to find the right weapons and packs to stay alive. You should also know that rivals may have much better weapons or sniper skills than you. In some cases, you shouldn't confront them. What we mean is that you know well when to choose to fight and confront and when to choose to hide and sneak. The priority in this game is not killing others, but staying alive.


PUBG is a freemium game, meaning that you can download and play this game on all platforms for free and enjoy all its features without paying anything.
The game provides the ability to buy some things for players, such as special outfits, but nothing can be purchased that can help you excel or win the game.
If you want distinctive costumes in the PUBG game, you can buy PUBG cards from this link. You can also buy costumes using Google Play cards or App Store cards.

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The PUBG game was developed in cooperation with three companies specialized in game design, these companies focused on graphics and not just the way of displaying, therefore, you will notice that the graphics of the game look very realistic as if it takes place in a real place.
You will notice that weapons, vehicles, streets and everything does not look like a simulation on a PC. These high definition graphics initially restricted the game to devices with powerful specs, but today, the mobile version can be played on any smartphone.


The main reason behind the success and widespread popularity of this game is that it supports many platforms. PUBG can be played on Windows computers and Xbox One game consoles, in addition to all smartphones running Android or iOS.
The mobile version on smartphones is slightly different from the version for Xbox One and Windows. They are compatible with smaller screens.

Pros and Cons

It is hard to find negatives for this game, it can be played alone or with a group of friends and it provides a very impressive fighting and graphics experience. The only negatives undefined It is that novice players will find it very difficult to win a round, and it can also cause habituation and addiction, which makes you spend a lot of time playing.


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